15 July 2007

Grab an Oar!

East Texas has this funny way of thinking that God is reconsidering that whole colorful bow thing He put in the sky to dazzle the Mr. and Mrs. Noah clan. It is 6:30 am and I just woke to the most horrific thunder clap. It is dramatized by the rattly windows in this 100 year old house. We haven't been anywhere near the recent flooding in Texas, but we may be floating that way soon if this heavy rain keeps up. Man, it can come down here.


  1. Good thing your house has been there for 100 years, you know it must have survived other heavy rainy conditions.



  2. send some our way! I havent seen it this dry in a long time. Our grass has dried up. the positive side of that is we are saving on gas because we haven't mowed our lawn in weeks!

  3. Hey Julie,
    Have posted a link of yours to mine. If not ok, let me know

  4. Pray some of it goes to Alabama. They really need it there!

  5. It took me an extra 15 minutes to get to church this morning. I had tons of backtracking to do to find a road that was passable out of my neighborhood. It's not rushing water or anything, but I don't like to go through it if I can't even see the curb.

    It was a torrential downpour here in NE Houston last night as well. Lots of thunder and lightning. I love the rain but we are soggy right now-- give me some more sun!

  6. My parents lived in your neck of the woods for about 13 years...it can definitely come down there!! They are actually beginning to think they are jinxed or something. They were in East Texas through Rita, moved to West Texas and were inundated with grass fires all around, then have gone through this latest round of torrential rains and flooding. They are both ready for some nice, normal Texas weather (plain old hot)!


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