02 July 2007

I'm a Writer! I'm a Writer! I'm a Writer!

There is a lot happening on the writing front.
First I never mentioned, gentle readers, that I have already been published in a book about homeschooling that was originally going to be titled "Juggling with Hamsters". It is only an excerpt about the length of an average blog entry in the back of the book - or so I'm told. I've never gotten my complimentary copy.
Second, today I sold my first Homeschool Co-op Planner! Woo hoo! That got me pretty juiced up about writing.
Third, I finished a chapter I have been working on about unschooling, and was rather happy with the outcome. The lady that is putting the project together contacted me and said it was the first entry that didn't have to have any editing - none, zero, zilch! When I wrote back and told her I wanted to be a writer - she replied, "You are a writer! You don't have to become one!"
Wow - so I am.
Very cool.


  1. I already knew that and I've only known you a short time! Glad you found out too!

  2. Yup - you rock! I loved your ebook. I thought it was very well laid out. Having samples of forms was a good idea too, gives people an idea of what info to ask for!

    We don't have anything like a co-op here so reading it was very timely. From time to time someone does organize swim lessons or skating or something like that but that's as organized as we get. Maybe one day...

  3. Congratulations on that discovery! BTW...I love your doorknobs. Old houses have so much character. I don't think there's really much of interest in my house to photograph. I guess I'll have to start looking around.

    Have a great day!

  4. so you are!!
    now believe it you!


Awaiting your words......
♥ Juls ♥