07 July 2007

Teenage Boys

In case you haven't ever assessed from reading this blog, I'm crazy about teenagers. I always have been - however, being the mother of two teenage girls, and a 9 year old boy, there is a mysterious shroud drawn over the lives of teenage boys - a place where I am sometimes invited to share, and often freaks me out. The land of stinky feet and unmade beds, deep voices, large appetites and the excitement of little boys, only bigger.
Today I entered my sister-in-law's office, and saw my nephew, Austin, and our neighbor, Kyle who we brought along with us, both 16, standing in the room holding DOLLS! Austin had a porcelain prairie girl doll, and Kyle was holding a Raggedy Ann doll. They were holding them up in the air - NOT like weapons, but in a gesture that looked like they were making them talk to each other.
I said, "I'm going out and coming back in."
They both followed me out of the room, yelling, "No, it isn't what it looks like. We weren't playing with the dolls."
I have to laugh. Of all the things that I might have expected to see teenage boys doing when I entered a room unexpectedly, this was not even on the list.
And it cracked.me.up!


  1. LOL! I don't have any special affinity to teenagers, but I did grow up in a house with FOUR younger brothers. I must agree that teenage boys are a mystery of gigantic proportions!!!! (and they are still very surprising in thier twenties too!)

  2. They would just die if they knew you blogged about this!! I love teens too. I wish the teenage years lasted longer - except for the stinky feet part! LOL!!

  3. I had 3 daughters before I had my son. He will be 17 in October and is a pure joy to be around! Overall, it's been easier raising a son than any ONE of my daughters.

    I do agree with you though, they're a "whole other animal". I went from having no experience around boys, to having a son to now, being totally surrounded by them. They all hang out at our house and they're everywhere I turn!

    In 2 years, my baby will be off at college so I'm savoring every moment until then!

  4. HAHA!!! That is hysterical, Mom! I wish I could have seen it...
    They really are SO much fun to be around though. It's even fun when they irritate us (to an extent). But don't ever tell them I said that!
    Austin + Kyle = DoubleTrouble!

  5. That is hilarious! Where is the camera when you need it?!

  6. That is funny. I don't know where they get their ideas from!


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