31 July 2007

My Reality Check Bounced

I have been lagging behind in my blogging duties. Much of what I think to blog about seems as if it can be developed into something more....and so I jot it in my handy-dandy notebook, that I read later and have no idea what I was thinking.
Anyway, this seems it has no real possibilities of going anywhere, and also segued in such a lovely manner with this TMI post on Coffee Mom's blog, that I couldn't resist.
I was watching a Gilmore Girls episode where one of the main characters moved into her first apartment. She was shocked that there were no curtains on the windows, no towels, no refrigerator. What do you remember being the biggest reality check when you first moved out on your own? For me it was toilet paper. It seemed that no matter how many times I bought it, I just had to keep buying it again, and again, and again.
I have two teenage daughters that I am trying to prepare psychologically for the real world, and no matter what I tell them, I know that they too will have to have a reality check!


  1. That was a very long time ago for me. Do you want to know about when I lived in the dorm at college and found out that I didn't know how to get along with other girls living with me? Or perhaps when I had my own apartment and realized that I didn't know how to use a hammer and a nail?

  2. I think my reality checks were focused on money.
    I overdrafted my chekcing account.
    Had to pay taxes.
    And had to pay for repairs on my car.
    Not to mention getting glasses and braces that I paid for on my own.


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