03 July 2007

This Old House - installment #1 - Doorknobs

I have been thinking about how much I would like to visit the homes of some of my blogger friends, and have a long talk over one of those huge cups of coffee - in those round bowl-like cups that they drink out of on the Gilmore Girls. That thought inspired me to blog a bit about my "old house" - in a sort of "cyber visit". Today I wanted to post about doorknobs. (Yes it is 1 am and I just went through my house photographing doorknobs just for this post! My kids don't even bat an eye at the weirdness anymore.)
In our house we have several types of doorknobs. Some are the glass handles like the one to the left and there are others that are metal - some that have been painted white - and others not. These are all interior doors. There are also two "front doors" that go out to my porch - the kitchen doorknob is metal and the living room doorknob is glass. There is also a set of french doors between the living room and dining room that has a set of glass knobs that likes to fall off in your hand from one side or the other. We don't use that door much, so we just leave the beautiful knob assembly laying on the piano!
In general doorknobs aren't that fascinating, but in an old house they really are. These knobs are in solid wood doors, and both door and knob were built to last. In our WV house, we had to replace a door before we moved and found that the plastic-y doorknob was fused with the door. Weird - cheap - mass produced.
Show me something about your house. If you do, leave the link to your post in the comments - and I'll add a list at the bottom of this post!
For some reason "Blogger" won't let me upload any more pictures tonight - maybe I'll fascinate you with more doorknobs later!


  1. I like those glass door knobs. Makes me feel nostalgic...

  2. Beautiful! We had some like that in our last house here in Virginia (14 years and several moves ago). Here's the link to my post - http://www.woodward-family.com/karenwoodward/2007/07/sneak-preview.html

    Sorry, I don't know how to do html links in a comment.

  3. I love glass knobs! We have one in our house. It's on the door going to our basement. My husband thought we should chuck it but I vetoed it! It's so pretty and makes me feel I'm in a very fancy old home instead of my regular old house!

  4. i love love love the glass doorknob!

    unfortunately around here it's more doorknobless..


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