10 July 2007

Bragging on My Man

This picture is kind of dark - but I wanted to show you what my hubby did while I was away the last four days. We bought a projector before we moved into this house, but since the house was full of windows, leaving little wall space, we weren't sure how we were going to ever use it. He used a white board to make this screen that hangs from the wall in front of our fireplace. It is going to be great. We are going to break it in sometime this week. The best part is that you can take it down and put it away when you aren't using it.
I was so proud of him when I came home yesterday. The sink was empty, the countertops were clean, the living room where he built the screen was even cleaned up and the BED was even made! Ah, it made the homecoming even sweeter!


  1. I love Dad so much for these kind of things.

    He has his own unique love language...he is not overly affectionate, but he shows us he loves us by the things he does for us.

    I feel so loved when Dad is chasing some guy down the street with a BB gun, or staying up late at night talking to me, or building a projection screen, or even denying his permission to do something.

    That's the reason I didn't get upset when he said I couldn't go on that trip, you know. It's because I knew he wouldn't be telling me I couldn't go if he didn't love me.

    He's a good daddy!

  2. countertops AND bed- gee, he really wanted to wow you! How nice to come home to that!

  3. Even without the screen, wowzers how considerate and thoughtful!


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