24 July 2007

Unschooling in the Shower

Last night Kullen decided at midnight that he needed to take a shower. When a nine year old boy notices his need for a shower, believe me you don't argue. Actually, he likes taking showers, but just needs reminding sometimes. I usually don't notice until I go to hold his hand and wonder if we'll ever be able to let go for the stickiness. I usually just end up hoping that it works like those medicinal patches - and that whatever bacteria/ germ/ toxin he has on his hand is making its way through my skin, inoculating me against many harmful diseases and parasites. Affection and antibodies!
When he got out of the shower last night, he said "hey mom, I put all the shampoos in alphabetical order". I laughed and didn't think any more about it until I took my shower this morning. He did! We have six shelves not including the top of the tub that with two teenage girls are loaded down with any number of bottles of foamy, scent inducing, shaving, shampooing, conditioning stuff - and every one of them were ordered by alphabet. It cracked me up.
I remember being in fourth grade sitting for hours with dreaded alphabetizing worksheets - not because they were difficult - but because I understood the concept after the first one but had to do them for weeks on end so that the whole class had mastered the skill. My kid figures this out in the shower, naked no less. Hysterical!


  1. That is SO cute and funny! Thanks for posting that! :)

  2. That's hilarious! Why waste your time on boring old worksheets when you can shower!?

  3. You can write a new shower based curriculum ...
    Smart and clean, who wouldn't want that?

  4. That is so cool, stuff like that always happens in unschooling, it's so awesome!

  5. LOL! I love jblieu's curriculum suggestion. Alphabetizing in the shower sounds much more fun than worksheets!

  6. That's way too cute!!!


  7. That is so funny!

    And here I have kids that will actually *fall asleep* in the shower. Maybe they need remedial classes... maybe my shower is not as culturally rich an environment like yours!


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