16 July 2007

Some "School" Stats

I don't post about "unschooling" much, per se, because it is a philosophy of life. There aren't lesson plans, lists to cross off, or things to do. We learn as we live - so in that sense I guess I am posting about it all the time. Today, I was listening to the news as I was getting dinner in the oven, and heard this statistic - that school children forget as much as 60% of what they learned the year before over the summer vacation. The reporter was suggesting that parents find opportunities to sneak "learning" into their children's summer fun. There are also those who are "school/education nazis" that would have children going to institutionalized schools all year long in order to help them retain what they are learning. I want to be slow to criticize because I used to think much like this. I am so thankful that I know my children are learning all the time through life and living.


  1. Julie. I can't find your picture "Friends Across the Miles" on your blog. (I saw it at the bottom of a post on our Bible study site and it was too small for me to identify who was in it.)

  2. I never thought that way, want me to criticize??? LOL, I do it everyday but in a I feel sorry for those kids way, my heart aches for them, I don't feel sorry for the mind numbing clueless people who think like this though.

  3. We are reviewing math facts, handwriting etc, occasionally this summer. Kids learn in everything they do, so I am not really sweating it as far as taking a break goes.


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