12 July 2007

Makes You Scratch Your Head

My daughters and I have become addicted to Gilmore Girls. Even Kullen and occasionally Travis have gotten sucked into it with us. There was a comment on one of the episodes that we watched today about somebody putting someone else's bra in the freezer - and they asked me what that was all about. I explained to them that it was a "slumber party" prank. (We're getting quite the education!) I went to the kitchen to get a glass of ice water a little while ago and found this:
Which could only mean those strange unsocialized homeschoolers decided to prank each other - at the same time. Which is not much of a prank. Imagine their shock and horror when they realize I posted these pictures on my blog! Who is the REAL master prankster around here!??!

(I was even willing to risk the humiliation of showing you my freezer that has been broken and defrosting and refreezing and icing over again and again - and we finally got GE to agree to "buy back" from us this week! It was worth it!)


  1. I think they are going to kill you. Watch out for revenge!

  2. I agree with KarenW-- sleep with one eye open! It sounds like them's fightin' words!

  3. I'm pretty sure those are teenager bras aren't they? They're all pretty and cutesy! By the time you hit my age we're looking at the Playtex, underwire, 36 hours of no sagging and drooping bras! I keep reminding myself,
    They're just bras, not miracle workers!"

  4. I've read in women's magazines that if you put your bra in the freezer it helps with perkiness! Any trurh to that?

  5. that was a funny comment Kathleen! Why don't you try it and let us know!

    Hilarious pic Julie!

  6. MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I think, my dear mother, that you should carefully heed your friends' warnings.

  8. LOL!

    Pretty colors! We love the Gilmore Girls. Kaitlyn has one of the seasons on dvd which we watch frequently, much to the chagrine of the boys.


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