25 July 2007

The Computer Saga Continues

I am feeling quite badly today. I know that for one thing I am tired, because HELLO - I got up at a normal hour today after going to bed at an abnormal hour. But Auntie Flo is visiting and she has been an unkindly house guest the last couple of days kicking up all kinds of a fuss! She never tells me when she's coming or how long she's going to stay! How rude! Earlier today I had on a sweatshirt and socks - chilled, but my face was hot and my eyes were burning so hot that I had to take my contacts out.
But the day also started out with a bang when the FedEx lady brought my computer back! I was so excited - so happy to have my own laptop back until..... I.opened.the.box! They did not send my power cord back with the computer! Of course three phone calls of at least 20+ minutes each finally put me in touch with my personal case manager - who is sending me a brand new cord which should be here in a week! I know they have pretty good turn around - but the disappointment is terrible. I do have to say that through it all the HP customer service people have been very helpful. MUCH MUCH better than the customer service I got from GE about my fridge. That still isn't resolved!

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  1. A week without your power cord? Isn't that like asking someone to go a week without their heart? It just can't be done! Sorry you've had a tough day.


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