23 July 2007

Scrap Happy - Week 13

Well, I have been scrappin' right along. Sometimes it seems I get a burst of enthusiasm for this creative outlet - and there is no stopping me. I never scrapbook with the intensity that some do - but when something really cool, like a picture or scenery or beautiful graphics come up, they make me want to use them in a page. That is the story behind this week's page. My son saw that his sister had fallen asleep on top of her bed last night and came to get me so I could "take a picture". (it really is a family sport - scrapbooking - isn't it?) I made this page with one of the four pictures I took that she approved: (although she tried to revoke it because she thinks her picture is distorted!)Of course with the vivid colors of her bedding and bedroom, I did not have any scrap-stuff that matched - so I improvised - I made the background paper. It was pretty fun to do - since she was dreaming - I listed things that she might be dreaming about, and then I softened them so that other things would show up. I also learned this week how to type text in a circle, so I thought I'd show off that new skill. I also cut out the letters for the word "dreams" and then sanded them a bit to soften. Fun!
DIGI-SCRAPPER TOOL ALERT: I got this incredibly awesome magazine - Better Homes & Gardens has a tutorial magazine out called The Ultimate Guide to Digital Scrapbooking for Adobe Photoshop users. It has some awesome tutorials. I have been learning more and more and more.
Here is another page that I made this week that I am rather pleased with:
These are some special kids I know that have taken a liking to each other. I made it as a sort of belated-birthday gift. I used a paper that I already had - but I put the words to their favorite song in the background. That was pretty neat. I love the way Adobe allows me to match colors. That is very important. This photo had some reds that worried me when I first started making the page - but that eyedropper tool was super to help me match it all up!
I am looking forward to seeing what you've been up to this week! Happy Scrappin'!


  1. Beautiful pages! You are so clever. I bought a scrapbook instructional manuel about a year ago, and have done nothing so far. My main worries are that first of all I have no time to actually do this no matter how much I would like to! And secondly that we can't really afford to even do some things as a family at the moment, so I can't justify money spent on a hobby that just benifits me. At least when I knit I can make things for gifts! LOL! Maybe one day my life will slow down and I will start to scrapbook. (was that a pig I saw flying past the window?) :-)

  2. Thank you for the invite to scrap Happy. I just have not posted because I have not scrapped in awhile. The kids are keeping me busy with summer activities. When I get a chance to create. I will be sure to share in scrap Happy again.


  3. Thank you for inviting me back to Scrap Happy! My blog says I have thousands of visitors, but few people say hi. I have never settled in to where I live and now we are moving, so it is kind of lonely right now.

    I love your layout! The background is really neat. I think I read that you want to share a freebie. 4shared.com is free and pretty easy to use for the designer and the freebie hunter too. It seems to be what most people choose to use. I use CS2 and I am just learning, mostly by experimenting.
    My latest layout on my blog was done with some blue paper I designed from the pink freebie set on my blog. If the link doesn't look right, scroll down or post to me and I'll send it out. Watch out for cbox. I signed up for a freebie and it put something that sounded like porn (didn't click the link). It didn't show up on my computer, but when I was showing my blog to my DD's friend, it was on it. I was mortified and quickly deleted it from my blog before she saw it. Sorry, just had to share that :0 Tasha


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