18 July 2007

Personal Computers: Extreme Frustration Edition

You won't believe it! I can hardly believe it myself. If you frequent this blog - you know that I had a major computer issue in MAY - where my hard drive failed - and HP had to replace it and send me a new one. It was about 10 days before I was back to normal - somewhat. I lost a folder of pictures and all kinds of other upheaval. Well this evening I was using my computer in a completely normal way - I don't even let the kids touch it because I can't afford to replace the thing - and it suddenly shut down. When it came up it gave me a funny message that my NTLDR (or something like that) was missing. I called HP - still had their number in my phone from just SIX weeks ago - when the last hard drive crashed - and after an hour and a half we determined that I had hard drive failure again. Folks, I just bought the dang thing in December - it is less than seven months old! HP is going to assign a customer service case manager and see about replacing it since it is evident that there is something wrong with the computer. But utter frustration abounds - and the worst part is that most new computers have Windows Vista - the operating system designed by Satan. Oh what a day. If I am a little less present here in my cyber home - you'll know why!


  1. Oh Jewls... Back in 2000 we bought a brand new Gateway, you know they were top rated :) Within a couple months the mother board died, then it did it again and we had to completely wipe out the hard drive like 3 or 4 times it was a mess, we spent $1700 on that. Once we got past that crap it worked fine. We bought this Dell in 04 and the hard drive crashed last year, I lost so much stuff... My SIL(works on computers for a living) was able to recover most pics and files but everything in Outlook express was gone. Do you know how much good stuff I lost???? I feel your pain sister!!!

  2. Oh bummer, Julie. How devastating! I'm so afraid of that happening to me I'm constantly backing stuff up on to those memory key thingies (flash drives?).

  3. I feel for you Julie. Due to an major electrical problem last year my computer was fried. I was able to get it fixed but only enough to limp along for a couple of months until it died altogether. At which time I lost all my photos and documents and email contacts. I have since learned the value of backing up!

  4. Sorry about all the issues.
    I will say I have vista and I haven't had a lot of issues with it. My only problem is that it came with microsoft WORKS and all our old files are in WORD. It won't convert any of them for me and most people can't convert my files to work on their computer.
    Thankfully, we have 2 other computers in this house with word on them so if needed, I go to them. But I told dh to start saving so he can buy me word for this computer LOL!
    Hope you get a new computer soon that works well for you!

  5. That is a real shame. i do not envy you.

  6. SO SORRY about your computer. I know that is frustrating. John has windows vista and really likes it. He hasn't put it on mine because he says my computer is too old. Hope you get everything worked out.

  7. Wow Julie, you must be ready to sledgehammer it. Hope it gets resolved quickly.
    Great-Granny Grandma speaks the truth.Ask her how many CD players she has gone through.
    You might want to invest in a second hard drive to back up your important stuff, or a bunch of jump drives. Just in case.


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