27 July 2007

Two Different Things

I took the kids to see Hairspray this afternoon at the cheap theater. My girls totally loved it, and I liked it quite a bit too! John Travolta was absolutely hysterical as the momma!

This is totally unrelated, but I just have to tell you about my tenderhearted boy. He will be ten years old in September. We were watching a show tonight where a young man with Down's Syndrome was being picked on, actually brutalized. Kullen started to cry, and it was hard to settle him down. I know he is tough on the outside, but he has such a loving heart.

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  1. My soon-to-be-8yo Dash is also tenderhearted. He wears his heart on his sleeve!

    I pray that my boys will always stick up for what is right, true and noble. Even if he's outnumbered on the playground, God will be by His side. And if God be for us, then who can be against us?

    It's hard being a young man. Wanting to be tough but still needing a hug.


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