10 July 2007

Goofy Girl Does it Again!

My daughter has been blogging more lately - and I wanted her to have it spruced up a bit. I sent an idea off to that Goofy Girl and I was again dazzled and amazed with the results. That is one talented Med student! She is t-riffic! Kendra's new blog design looks like this:
Kendra is addicted to the max to Chai-tea - her favorite being Tazo brand. I asked Heather (a/k/a Goofy Girl) to help us come up with a design that was along those lines and this is what she came up with! Isn't that stupendous! Plus that kid (Kendra) can really write - and needs an awesome blog. It is my gentle way of encouraging her to spend more time blogging and less time on myspace!


  1. Aha...so this was all just a devious plan to get me off myspace, was it?

    Hehe...I love my new blog layout!!! TEA TIME!!!

  2. very nice layout! I like tea too, thought I am not super adventurous about it- I like regular black tea.

  3. I really like Goofy Girl. She's very talented. :-) I like the Tea blog...that's VERY creative. :-)

  4. Great blog! I love to read Kendra's writings. I can just hear her voice.

  5. Wow! She must have inherited your writing ability, how awesome!


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