21 July 2007

A Better Day

There was a line in a Point of Grace song a few years back that said, "but the world keeps turning, bringing us better days" and today was a better day. I am thankful that the waves of homesickness and grief seem to be smaller and short-lived. It is just a part of the territory.
Today we went to see the High School Musical performed by the KIDmunity of Beaumont Community Players. It was better by far to see this live than in the movies. It was such catchy, upbeat music. Afterwards we went to this awesome Mexican restaurant called Rio Rita's and the whole cast came in behind us for dinner. Kullen got one autograph, but the girls were too chicken!
I think today gave us hope that we can make a life here. Theater was a very special and important part of our lives in West Virginia. I just haven't made the effort to get them involved because it is a 40 minute drive. But at least it is straight, flat road that I will traverse to take my little thespians to the theater!


  1. So glad you had a better day. I am taking a break in my movie viewing to make popcorn and tea. So far I have really enjoyed the movie. Hugh Grant's dry humour cracks me up. I started laughing in the opening scenes with the music video. That brought back memories!!!

  2. I herd threw the grapevine that it's actually called High School Music"al" and not High School Music. LOL. I'm sorry I just couldn't let it pass without commenting.

  3. I love to see a good play. It beats a movie in my opinion. So glad you got to go!

  4. Mexican is definitely my fave! Yum!
    I'm glad to hear that the homesickness is less now. Even though I've been here for 13 years, I still miss some things about Calgary. Hmmm, I guess that's not a very helpful thing to say is it? But truthfully part of me will always call Calgary homw while the other part of me can't imagine living anywhere but here! I guess what I'm saying is home is where you make it.
    If you ever need someone to vent to or just unload on you can always email me!

  5. You know what...we're faced with a move. We're in the midst of what you might call a Joshua time. "You will know the way to go because you've never been that way before." So .. I'm kind of putting myself in your shoes.

    I'm sorry that you're feeling homesick. It's got to be hard. The one thing I know I'm going to miss is the constant interaction with friends - especially our church family.

    It sounds like the weekend was an emotional time for you too. :-) Hopefully we can start Monday out with good brain cells and a new week! I'm so glad for His new mercies!!


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