05 July 2007

What's Up With Spoiling?

My girls and I have gotten totally hooked on the Gilmore Girls. The thing is that it is in its seventh season - but we just finished season 1! The biggest issue is that whenever we tell people that we're watching it and that we love it, they start telling us things about it that we don't want to know yet. That is part of enjoying the show - the finding things out - as they happen. I don't get it. Why do people do this? I am always sure to tell them quickly before they can talk that we have just started the series. I want to scream - "HEY SPOILERS! Put a lid on it!" My girls have encountered an obnoxious friend who seems to enjoy that he upsets them by telling them random things about the show. It isn't funny.
And then the other day I am just reading a blog that I have on my Google Reader, and the author is writing about Harry Potter and why her family reads it when so many other Christians have chosen to abstain. It was very interesting up to the point where she discusses how her son who enjoys the movie first and then the book was upset that she revealed that a certain person had died in the book she was reading (before the movie was released so he didn't know yet) - and she just names the character! Evidently she learned nothing from the episode with her son.
When someone is watching a movie or reading a book - if you tell them what is going to happen - what's the use in reading or watching anymore! Ugh! It would be like telling someone what you got them for Christmas while it is still wrapped up in the paper under the tree. Don't do it! Spoilers cease and desist!


  1. Yes, it is a bummer when someone lets the cat out of the bag about a book or movie. When you are done watching, you will have to fill me in on whether Luke and Lorelei get together in the end... I didn't really watch past season one. With every child, my tv viewing has decreased. Also, my stoic hubby couldn't really handle how much the characters on that show talked.

  2. Even if it's a weed (my tomato death camp survivor)?

  3. I hate that! People should give a spoiler alert when writing things about shows and movies on their blog. We haven't seen Gilmore girls at all.

  4. You know, that show is kinda cute. I didn't really like it at first. But last month, when I was house-sitting for some friends, I watched season three i think it was... and i grew really interested in the character's lives & what was going to happen next. i will tell you that the earlier shows were much better than the later ones. i like how close Rorie & Lorelie are. they're really cute.

  5. Alexandra is a big old spoiler (Spiderman)but look how she slipped in an innocent comment like she would never do such a heinous thing.
    I've never seen the show - sounds like a fun girls night - pizza, chocolate and a fun tv show.


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