18 February 2007

Counting Armadillos a/k/a "Be Quiet James!"

Gosh - have you ever noticed how some people are so good at calling a spade a spade! Don't you sometimes just hate and love them at the same time for it!? Well, our friend James, sort of like a father figure who isn't old enough to be your father kicked my butt with the comment on my last post. I know it was God who put our family here - it was He who has done the leading and us the following all along. Why can't I trust Him for the smaller things? Sell my house that I prayed 10 years to have, pep talk my children all the way across 1500 miles, and as a child of divorce who moved and changed schools more than I care to mention - I let go of the sense of security living in the same area and developing long term friendships had given me. I trusted God for each step of the way - but now I'm here, and I grow fainthearted at times. Yes, I was whining. I was having a very bad night. Travis is sick and hopped up on about all the cold medicine I can legally give him, and in a total fog. If you talk to him, you get a "Huh?" snort, sniffle cough cough cough. No excuses though - butt adequately kicked and a swift step back in line. The strangest thing is that deep in my heart is a dream of going on the mission field - and while it is possibly a fantasy, doing something like telling people about Jesus seems more important to make such a sacrifice for than the reasons I came to Texas, which was NOT to count armadillos. (BTW I've only seen one!) I promised Travis I wouldn't look back - I would make a life here with him. Please Lord help me, because I am not having any success on my own! (duh! same lesson for the 7,894,348,397,573,032, 577,378,173, 234,093th time!)


  1. Hehehe! Glad it was someone else this time giving you what for!!! :-) I love ya' girl, but you really do need to get ahold of this one once and for all!! God don't make no mistakes! That means you are supposed to be there and just need to find a way to take part in this new life! From your far away friend who needed to learn this lesson about a million more times than you have!! LOL!!

  2. Too often, people think of "the mission field" as a foreign country. Did you ever think that perhaps Texas is your mission field? And if you need to learn a foreign language to make it feel more realistic, I am sure there are lots of Spanish speaking people there. :) Moving anywhere is an adjustment. I know. God will still lead you one step at a time.

    Said with love and smile : ) I am glad you are my friend.


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