09 February 2007

You know you have OCD when....

.....you can't concentrate while doing your quiet time in the morning because you notice dust around the edge of the living room rug, you can't write a blog entry because while pouring your coffee you noticed that the stove top desperately needs windex-ed, and when you're brushing your teeth you are so distracted by the Ty-d-bowl blue of the slight leak on the floor at the back of the toilet that you jam your toothbrush into your gums! This was my morning. I had to STOP EVERYTHING and do some house-cleaning. I don't think of myself as a "clean freak" -but I like things a certain way - and when they aren't it drives me nutty. While I am being so candid about my neurosis - let me tell you that my worst ever episode was one night when irritated by the bed covers that were twisting a strangle-hold around my legs, I ripped all of the covers off of my sleeping husband and remade the bed around him! Obviously there is an issue here - but since there is no chance I will be living in a white rubber room all by myself anytime soon - I and those that love me will just have to learn to live with it! Besides - I would be distracted by the blank walls and silence! There's no hope!

Oh yeah, and when I was windex-ing that stove - I noticed a button that says "speed bake". Any idea what the heck that thing is? Freaks me out. I mean, why don't they just put a button on there that says "Burn". I guess I'll have to figure out where I put the owner's manual and do some reading up.

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