13 February 2007

Southern Exposure

Having lived all of my life south of the Mason-Dixon line, I feel that I can write this post without offense. My daughter was asking me why there is so much pride (and almost an "anti-northern" sentiment) in the south. When attempting to answer her question, the only thing I could think of was that it stemmed back to the Civil War. What I have learned in life is that there are shy people and obnoxious people everywhere, there are mouth-watering delicacies and things I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole everywhere, and there are good and bad things about the weather, the town, the state you live in - everywhere. And as a believer, one who is called by the name of Christ, I know that divisions of any kind are bad. I have always lived south of the Mason-Dixon line, but I am not one who wants to be a part of divisiveness. The Bible forbids it. I want to enjoy those that the Lord has put in my life, and praise Him for the differences that each person and place bring that enrich our lives.

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  1. Great post Julie and I am so glad you are feeling better!! I think John has my RSS feed fixed. Would you mind adding me to your google reader again and letting me know if you are successful or not? Thanks!


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