26 February 2007

Ultimate Blog Party

I don't know much about getting your blog noticed. I mainly started blogging because I've always enjoyed writing - and quickly got addicted to the enjoyment of sharing my thoughts with others and learning and growing from them sharing their thoughts with me.
I found out about this from my friend KarenW - she invited me - and anyone else who would like to come to the Ultimate Blog Party. It is a way to find some new online friends, find some other cool blogs to visit, and send out the invitation for others to come and visit your blog during the week long party. It sounds like a lot of fun to me - so jump on over there and join in the fun. It starts this Friday, March 2nd - March 9th.
I hope to see you there!

1 comment:

  1. hey jewls
    (i got your blog addy from lurking at RadChrUnschoolers yahoo group lol)
    i know what you mean about the *get your blog noticed* party, but hey... it's a party !!!!!!!!!
    i l-o-v-e a party...
    love the freshness of your blog too.. i'm off for a wee wander through it.
    happy days
    :o) kate in new zealand X
    PS apologies if ya get this twice, blogger is being difficult this morning...


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