21 February 2007

I Just Can't Help It!

I am sorry - I just can't help myself. This was the thermometer on my front porch - in a corner - in the shade this afternoon! It was almost summer weather here today and I'm loving it! I thought I would post this picture to prove how lovely it is here in Texas. (Although this is likely an indication of how terribly hot it is going to get in a month or two! YIKES) Thermometer courtesy of Andrew Seredinsky and family! (Thanks y'all!)


  1. Wow! I sure hope we will live in the south somewhere! it's supposed to be 43 today and snow tomorrow.

  2. God bless Texas.

    I do love the weather in Arkansas, though! That is the one thing this Texas girl will miss when we high-tail it back to the GREAT Lone Star State! ;)

    Those freaky plants on the nature trail were weird. I haven't even seen those... and I've lived in Texas over 30 years.

    OH, you just wait for the summer! It rivals global warming down there.


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