18 February 2007

Ugly, Nasty Truth - A Blogger's Creed

When I started blogging - I didn't know much about any sort of blogging etiquette. Having always been an open person, I share freely what I am thinking, feeling, struggling with, enjoying, etc. I probably always will. Putting things down in words is so helpful - and it is a survival technique that I have been using since my parents' divorce in 1979. Sometimes I write things down that are still in process. As my friend Joanne pointed out I was harsh in my comments about the worship at the church we have been attending. The conviction sat like a lump in my throat all the way through church this morning. It doesn't mean that the issues were resolved, however, it does mean that my attitude about them needed correction. I am thankful for a friend who will say so even if it may not be received well. I also realize, my friend James was right in saying that I was whining. I was. This is the body of Christ in action. This is friendship the way God intended. This is how we should sharpen one another. Even if it makes me mad, in the end as your sister in Christ I will know that you spoke truth because you love me. My blog will always state my feelings, valid or invalid, rational or irrational - and as my friends - I need you to be the check point. A million "poor baby" comments would have left me struggling in the black pit of depression. The truth, spoken in love set me free. Thank you for helping me out of the oppressive chains of bondage to discouragement, and reminding me I do have friends even if I can't sit and have coffee with you this afternoon - some of the best friends a person could have to boot! I love you both for it.

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