26 February 2007

Wonders of God’s Creation

We have found this incredible video series that has captivated our entire family. It is called The Wonders of God's Creation. We rented them through our Netflix membership. (Which by the way celebrated the shipment of their billionth DVD shipment this weekend!) The videos are by Moody Institute of Science and take an incredible look at the wonders of God's creation. There are six videos in the series, the first of which captured us with the Milky Way and the solar system. Yesterday we watched the second one which is about planet earth. It was incredible. Travis and I were watching and one by one the children wandered in to join us and got drawn in. It had our whole family talking about things like atmosphere, space exploration, what it takes to sustain life, etc. and all of our curiosity was ignited as we watched – so much that we had to repeatedly pause the DVD to ask our resident science expert (a/k/a Daddy) questions. You can't learn things like this in a textbook.

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