27 February 2007

Movie Date

My husband is not the kind of guy that gives a lot of forethought to things. Asking me out on a date has never been one of the things he does consistently or well. If we do go, typically I initiate it with a suggestion that we go and do something. Yesterday, we were watching a movie and saw a preview for Sandra Bullock's new movie "Premonition". I said, "Ooh, I want to see that!" Thankfully for me, the preview ended with a "opening in theaters on March 16th". So my hubby turned to me, and said, "Let's go see it." I said, "You mean a date? Just you and me?" He said, "Yeah." So there you go people – we're going on a date!






No, you can't come. Sorry.


and, he.asked.me!!!

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