18 February 2007


When I was pregnant with my middle child, who incidentally is the pickiest eater of my three children although perhaps an unrelated fact, I craved jalapeno peppers. I liked anything hot - but especially these zippy little green things! I would order extra jalapenos with a little nachos! For some reason I have started to crave them again - I eat them on anything. What started it was a jalapeno burger at Sonic - and now I put them on just about anything. I am certain I am not pregnant. I was just wondering if there could be some sort of deficiency that is causing me to crave these peppers so badly. Oh, yes, and while my mouth can handle the heat, after a while my stomach can't!

1 comment:

  1. The older my taste buds get, the spicer it takes to make them happy. Maybe you're just getting an old mouth.


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