28 February 2007

Sweet Rude Awakening

My last thought before I drifted off to sleep last night was that I was going to sleep in. After all, it was my birthday, and I am blessed to work at home. Why not? But my conspiring children had a different plan. I think they intend to spoil me all day long. At 6:30 (gulp!) they thrust on the light in my darkened bedroom and entered singing "Happy Birthday" and carrying a plate full of breakfast. (A very LARGE plate of oatmeal, toast and scrambled eggs - enough for all four of us in fact!) I smiled and thanked them. I was still so sleepy, so I asked them to put it on my nightstand. Very quickly I realized that they were going to stand there and watch me sleep until I sat up and ate something! It was so sweet. I never did go back to sleep – but the three of them have taken over my bed and are in there snoozing now. I am so very blessed. How did three such awesome kids ever come from a wreck of a mom like me? God's grace. How beautiful.


  1. Julie -
    Happy Birthday!! I tried sending you an email, but it came back. Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you today. Have a great day!!
    Aunt Carol

  2. Aunt Carol - if you come back to see this - I lost my email address book. If you want to get in touch with me - my email address is julientexas at sbcglobal dot net. (use the @ and "." symbols - I am just trying to protect my address from spam!)
    Thanks for the birthday wishes - Love ya - Julie

  3. Happy Birthday to You!!
    I remember at about 10 years old doing the same thing to my mom on mother's day. Hehehe. I guess early morning breakfast calls are how kids show their love!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog - I liked your purse stories. I totally 'got' them ;-)

    Enjoy being spoiled and your front porch and beach smelling air.


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