16 February 2007

Beadless Pursuit

I am sure that this will be a strange post - but I am having a personal dilemma. I am a contact lens wearer. Recently I have been having frequent incidence of randomly torn lenses. Sometimes the lenses tear in the middle, sometimes a piece tears off around the edge, and I have to work it out of my eye (that's fun!), and sometimes they tear when I am washing them. I have worn these lenses and this particular brand for years and could not figure out what was going on with them. Finally a few weeks ago, I was also realizing an increase in irritation in my eyes. It felt like there was often grit in them. One day while washing my face a light bulb went on - my face wash had little granular beads in them - "micro-beads" as they're called. These things are getting in my eyes, irritating them and tearing my contact lenses. I went to the store today and found it a nearly futile attempt to find face wash without any beads, or abrasive scrubbing additives of any kind. Strange how things go in phases. After a considerable search, I found a foaming scrub containing no bead-y thing-ys. I hope that my contact lens issues are over now!

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