12 February 2007

BIG Surprise!

It is raining again. East Texas is about the rainiest place in the world. I don't believe I have ever seen so many rainy days - and yet, people continue to tell me that it isn't even the rainy season yet. I think instead of the new mini-van, perhaps methinks we should have purchased a boat! I am serious. Don't laugh - no really. My front yard right now is a river. The water just keeps on coming.
Also, can anyone tell me WHY in an area that is tornado prone, the houses aren't on solid foundations? In fact - basements, we were told by our Realtor do not even exist. I got a nice induction as to what it is like when your house is 3 feet off of the ground with no skirting the night we moved in. A big honkin' thunderstorm moved in, and we were sleeping on an air mattress on the floor since our new bed had not been delivered yet. When the thunder crashed against the ground, the entire house vibrated. No, I did not think it was the husband working off some chili - I definitely thought that like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, our house was about to be sucked up into a twister and that I was about to be thrown directly back to WV. Maybe the south had rejected me?! Every other member of my family slept soundly and never woke up. Now with all the rain I am worried we might sink, or be swept away in floodwaters!
And another treat - today our neighbor came over and said that her dog had puppies that look just like MY dog! She says they all have a "lab" look. We are all very excited - and can't wait to see what they look like. (It was raining too hard to walk NEXT DOOR!) However, I'm wondering since Jett is wearing an electric fence collar, how this happened? It is pretty funny to remember a couple of months ago how the neighbor-man worked so hard to keep other dogs out of his yard, only to realize that the little floosy was out doing some visiting of her own!


  1. Puppies!! You'll have to take some pictures.

  2. That little trampy doggie!

    I laughed at your rain comments. Let me tell you why Texas doesn't have basements... FLOODING.

    At least that's why HOUSTON doesn't have basements for sure. My house there had two FEET of water inside and the street was chest high! We had to take our cat out in a backpack (zipped up). People used air boats in there, man.

    Some lady died downtown in an underground parkinglot elevator. People were jumping off of the I10 overpasses INTO the lake on TOP of the freeway.

    What would you do with a basement if 80% of your town was under water?


  3. Hey there Jewls! Rain is one thing I can definitly relate to!!! LOL!!! Living in Jolly old England, we see more rain than I ever thought was possible. Back in the states I used to love a rainy day, but let me tell you - the novelty wears off REALLY FAST!!!! Sometimes I check to make sure we aren't growing webbed feet!! a;sldkjsldkfjslkdjfjslkkdfjjl;sdfjk.


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