10 February 2007

Geeky Gift

I have never been the kind of woman that provoked men to pen poetry, bring bouquets, or sing love songs. Mine has been more a romantic life full of odd limericks, bundles of weeds that give me hayfever, and love songs like Guns 'n Roses "Welcome to the Jungle" (YES, my husband used to sing it to me - and it is his ringtone on my phone - as it never fails to get my attention!). However, tonight my hubby did give me one fantabulously useful, and extremely exciting gift - he installed Microsoft Windows 2007 - which is going to go with my new Windows Vista - as soon as it arrives. It has tons of cool features. It appears I will have plenty of time to play with it while I am sedentary with the pain in my back from bowling earlier today. (see below post for crrraaaccck reference!)

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  1. Great gift! My husband gave me a gift of his time and talent today when he set up my new blog! Please stop by for a visit. http://www.woodward-family.com/karenwoodward/blog.html


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