16 February 2007

Google Reader - Attempted Tutorial

I have seen very fancy schmancy tutorials for things before - and sometimes the words make it much harder than it really is. This morning while attempting to explain how to use Google Reader to my friend Kathie, I think the words were inadequate, so I decided that I would attempt a picture tutorial.

First you go to Google Reader and sign up! You should be able to click the link - but if not you may type in www.google.com/reader. You get a list on the left hand side of the page of all the blogs you've subscribed to - and at the right - you see the posts of whatever blog you are currently viewing.

To add new subscriptions - you simply go to the list at the left and find the button that says "Add Subscription" - and put in the URL of the blog. If the blog you want to subscribe to is on Homeschoolblogger, instead of using the URL address, you will have to go to the blog, and choose the button that says "RSS feed" and when the page comes up - use the URL at the top of that page to add the blog sub- scription. (The blog that I used for the illustration does not have the RSS feed enabled - and so I was unable to actually add it to my reader - so if you encounter that at a friend's blog - you can just leave a comment asking them to enable the feed.)
Here is the coolest thing - you can put your blogs into categories - I have a "Blogs I Enjoy" category with people I don't really know - and then I have a "Family" category with my kids' blogs - and then I have a "Friends" category which is where most of the blogs I read fall. At the top of the page - after you've read the current entries, you can choose "Mark all as read" and the blog will not be highlighted again until the blogger posts something new.
I was so disappointed when I blogged at HSB and they got rid of the friends feature - because that was how I kept up with everybody. However, this is even better - because you can keep up with blogs you like regardless of what blog service the person uses. I think this has revolutionized the ability of bloggers to connect with one another.
COMMENTS: If you want to comment on a post that was insightful or someone took a put a lot of time and thought into (*ahem*), all you have to do is click on the title of their blog at the top, or the title of the post you want to comment on, and presto-change-o, you will be transported in a new window to their blog!
I haven't been using Google Reader for very long - but I preferred it over Bloglines - which is another reader service. I notice there are tons of features there that I haven't attempted to use yet - but I am sure over time I will explore.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me - I am not sure I will be able to answer them - but I have had success at using this reader and enjoyed it very much!
With love ~ Jewls


  1. I went to google reader and I already had an account. I don't think I ever even knew it. Silly me.
    So I'm off to see what it has to offer. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Your the blog QUEEN!!! I think it was actually you who started all of us blogging and you still keep us up-to-date on the latest and greatest! I did try drop shots for video uploading with no luck (after trying for HOURS) and was sucessfull finally with photo-bucket which Joanne turned me on to.


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