21 February 2007

Spiritual Fraud

What is pitchfork religion? I have heard this comment before and tried to find some resources that might explain this somewhat paradoxical expression. Pitchforks make me think of the devil. Religion is anything that you are devoted to – worship, seek after with all of your heart. I think that this expression is generally used as a connotation that someone is attacking another person with their religious beliefs. But can you "pitchfork" someone else who claims the name of Christ with His word? Should not His word be beneficial to both of you – even as you may disagree on interpretation?

There has been an accusation leveled at me – that I take to heart. Do I use my relationship with Christ against someone else? The only place to truly evaluate this is between the Lord and I. In so saying am I using this statement "against" someone else – ie. Pitch-forking them? No. I am speaking of MY relationship with Christ.

Is my relationship with Christ a fraud? Only He can determine. It is Him that I stand before, with my whole heart in my hands. It is He that rescues me from the pit, and from the snare of other pit-dwellers. He alone knows my whole heart, and the motivation behind every action. I don't desire to "appear" religious, or label myself a Christian. I want to be identified with Christ and Him alone – no church, no man, no worshipful expression – just Christ.

Should I do things you consider to be "false" or "fake", feel free to point those things out. I will consider the source.

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  1. It's interesting that ppl seem to pick and choose how they use scripture, especially in regards to the internet. The biblical guidelines (Matthew 18:15-16) for correcting someone you think is sinning are pretty clear. They should have approached one on one and brought it to your attention out of love. Then if you didn't respond, approached with a group of 1 or 2 and if you still didn't respond "treated you as a pagan or tax collector." No where in there is there anything that indicates posting a comment on someones blog for the whole world to read as acceptable. Now it's entirely possible I'm completely misunderstanding the situation and blowing hot air and if so, just delete this and ignore the bald guy :D


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