19 February 2007

Shut My Mouth!

Since my blog has been such a downer this past weekend, I wanted to lighten it up and share a cute story my daughter Kendra shared with me this morning to cheer me up. She has been reading "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" (Read her blog-all-about-it!)and read it at such a ravenous rate that Friday I bought her "Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship" and she is about halfway through it as well. In the second book Joshua Harris tells of overhearing his father telling his younger brother why God gave us two ears and one mouth - because He wants us to listen twice as much as we talk. Evidently the younger brother took this to heart, and began sharing it with others around him. My sentiments, "Shut My Mouth!"
(There is however, no application of this to blogging as we do not use our mouths but our fingers! And in case you haven't noticed I've been going blog-wild with 21 posts last week alone! That's 3 a day people - do the math!)

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  1. I've noticed the amount of entries that you have had. I can't keep up! Everytime I checked you had at least one and often times 2 or 3 more! But just to let you know I love it! It is like you are here. And of course I've always been the silent type, and my blog is not much different. Tayva has read "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" and Kameron was reading it, but I don't know if he ever finished it. They both seemed to like it.
    Looking forward to reading more from you....


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