17 February 2007

Felonious Prank

A few years ago while on a homeschool yearbook staff, my daughter faced a moral dilemma. Some of the girls she knew - high school aged and all older than she and her friend, had laced the soda of another girl with a laxative. Kendra was very upset and called me from her cell phone to ask me what she should do. I told her the fact she was calling me showed that she knew it was wrong - and gave her some options. This is an unlikely scenario that homeschooled children seldom have to face. She felt a moment of intense peer pressure. One of our biggest concerns is that the girl they chose to "prank" already had some serious health issues - and a laxative meaning something more dangerous than for the average person. In the end, Kendra went to the girls and told them that they needed to tell an adult in charge, or that she would. They still failed to realize the seriousness of what they had done. In the end, the girls were removed from the yearbook staff - and made no attempts to hide the fact that they hated her. Still she did the right thing.
What made me think of that incident was this story today in the news: Minnesota Teen's Laxative Laced Brownies Lead to Felony Charge. Kids need to know how dangerous their "pranks" can be. Unbelievable.

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