19 February 2007

Testing 1-2-3 in Microsoft Word

Okay, this is a new thing! I am using the Microsoft Word 2007 to post to my blog. The 3 of you that frequent my blog may remember my mentioning something about it in this post! Anyway – I thought it would be really neat to use Word to publish to my blog because then I could save the posts not only to Blogger but also to my computer. Ya know, like maybe future generations would want to read what is going on in my nutty brain! Hee hee – Anyway – Just wanted to test it out. Not sure how I’ll use it or not just yet. I am concerned about inserting graphics or pictures – so let’s try that out. I’ll post a picture of my girls together at the Teen Valentine Banquet. A rather random posts all things considered, don’t you think?

Okay the picture posting didn't work - I'll have to figure that out! But I came here to Blogger to post it just so it wouldn't disappoint you. BTW - for those of you who know how "un-crafty" I am - I set up the archway - and put the lights and red hearts on! I only had to go through two sets of lights before it worked! Hee hee.

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  1. I used to use Word because of my spelling issues when I was at homeschoolblogger, but now with the built in spellcheck I write directly. Can't you back up to word after writing it?


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