10 February 2007

Bowling & Birthday

We went to a birthday party at the bowling alley this afternoon. One of my daughters thought it would be funny to take pictures of me from behind! I thought I would share them just so you could see my excellent *ahem* form, meaning my bowling form and not the 20 pounds I gained since I moved here distributed nicely around my waist! Geesh!
Did you ever notice that bowling alleys are one of the noisiest places on the planet? You cannot have a sane thought - or even say anything to the person next to you without shouting at the top of your lungs!?!
I do like to go bowling. Although, one trip down the lane to release my ball, and I bent over and felt something in my hip "crrr---rraaaacc--kkkk". It still doesn't feel quite right - but it isn't immobilizing! It is probably rebelling about the 20 extra pounds it has to maneuver when I attempt to make such unnatural movements!
I wasn't planning on bowling when we went, but ended up bowling and having a blast. The birthday cake had these dark purple flowers, the result of which were these lovely dark purple tongues. Notice the varying shades and see who ate the most icing!
Both of my scores were in the high 80s. I bowled down a lot of 9 pins - but never could seem to get down the last pin. I got one strike and maybe two spares. Not bad - not bad at all!

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  1. The other girl in the picture looks like Kelly S.
    Looks like a fun time - sorry you are in pain now - I hope you feel better very soon.


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