17 February 2007

My Girls

Kendra 15 & Kaitlyn 13 - Feb 13,'07

Sometimes I just think these two girls are so cute that I have to share a picture of them for no particular reason. This past week has been a busy one. Monday night was the youth Valentine's Banquet at church and they had a "True Love Waits" speaker come and talk to the kids. Tuesday night was the Senior's Valentine's Banquet and the teenagers went to serve dinner. The girls looked so cute that I made them pose for this picture before leaving that night. Then Wednesday night was the Children's Valentines Banquet and youth group. Thursday night a large screen showing of Facing the Giants. Whew! I am worn out from the festivities - but not these cuties - they could keep going and going and going. I'll have to post some pictures of Kullen later on. I haven't taken too many of him lately - I think most likely it's because it's harder to hit a moving target!

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  1. Sounds like the girls have found their niche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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