20 February 2007

Shout out to Snow Dwellers – Come See Me Soon!

I had to evaluate my motives for wanting to publish this post. I woke to temps this morning in the 60s. The sun was out earlier and birds are chirping, but even while it threatens rain, I have windows open and am enjoying the scent of spring. Some of my friends live in the breath-taking mountains of West Virginia – it is a gorgeous place that I will forever call "home" – but this time of the year, it seems cold, and slushy, and any snow that has fallen is dirty, icky; your house begins to have a mud trail up the front porch from where snow has slogged down to the dirt and created a muddy mess. It is sometimes hard to see through that to the beauty that will eventually be springtime in the mountains. But spring will come. For me, in TX, this nice weather has come a bit earlier – and it is a blessed reprieve. I have been soooo cold here – way colder than I ever expected. Everyone says it is the coldest TX winter they can remember. (That figures!) But did I want to post about the lovely weather to make my friends jealous? Maybe just a little bit – but not for ugliness sake, but so they will want to come see me! Come see me soon! Love ya ~ Jewls


  1. I'm jealous alright. But Malia beat you to it - seems she has impeccable timing, sending her first batch of VI pics during the ice storm and the second batch this evening when I was unable to get up my icy driveway.
    Texas and warm and snowless sounds great.

  2. That's just mean! I drove Big Red myself for the first time today through all your mentioned sludgy snow and mess. Can you fit all the Acly's in your house?

  3. That just isn't right. I just wrote on my blog about Cabin Fever. Believe me at this stage I would LOVE to come and see you if I could.


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