22 February 2007

La La La La Life Goes On

I have been blogging so much lately – that if you noticed I haven't posted anything yet today and it's almost midnight – it is because I have been VERY busy today. We went with our co-op on a trail through parts of the Big Thicket. I will post more about that later. Then tonight we went to a "Leeland" (Sound of Melodies, Yes You Have, etc. - from Baytown, TX) concert at a mega-church in Beaumont (which btw was FREE, thank you Leeland!) One thing I really miss is having another adult to enjoy times like this. The teens are great – but when there is another adult with me, I don't feel outnumbered.

At one point at the concert, it was getting very warm, and I felt like people were leaning in on me from every side and felt what must have been the beginning of a panic attack. I had to make everybody spread out a bit – because I was really having the feeling that I would freak if I didn't get some space. Strange – that's never really happened to me before.

Anyhoo, it's been a full day and I'm tired – hope your day was awesome too!

I love how the picture at the top was taken outside at dusk without the flash - and it has a blue-ish tinge to it. L to R is Bethany, Kyle, Kullen (under Kyle's arm), Kaitlyn, Cecil (this picture cuts off his face) and Kendra. I took that awesome picture of Leeland also - pretty cool, huh? It was completely by accident because I mainly held my camera up over my head and snapped. Why is it that the tallest guy in the room always seems to be standing directly in FRONT of me? Anyway - lucky shot. Kendra thinks I should send it to the band! It is kind of cool with the starburst effect of the light behind the lead singer.


  1. I didn't notice Kullen peeking through until you pointed it out. That is an awesome picture of Leeland. I'll have to check out and see who he is. I am kind of out of the loop way over here sometimes.

  2. Peter would be proud of you taking a band picture!

  3. Looks like lots of fun!


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