07 February 2007

Ah, the Great Outdoors

We found this incredible park in a neighboring town today, with a playground (even equipped with handicapped swings), basketball courts, a stream, walking path and footbridges. We found it quite by accident, but enjoyed the time in the sunshine. There were pavilions for picnicking and parties. I hope to spend a lot of time there in the spring. One of the nicest things of all was meeting another homeschooling family!
Kullen skipping rocks in the stream - Feb '07


  1. That looks like a great park! I am so glad that you are meeting other homeschool families.

  2. How wonderful! I love stumbling across other homeschoolers. It is like having something instantly in common. (And they don't ask those annoying questions...instead they ask about curriculum and stuff like that.)

  3. What a great picture! It's always nice to run into another homeschooling family.
    I'm in the process of moving to Blogger from HSB too!!

  4. It looks so... WARM and non-snow covered. Sigh.

  5. Oh where, where, WHERE is it??? PLEASE e-mail me and let me know! It can't be that far from me either!
    Kathy from homeschoolblogger

  6. Kathy -
    If you come back here - this park is in Jasper, TX -
    I tried to go to your blog here at blogger and it said your profile was not available publicly.
    I'll look for you on HSB!
    ~ Jewls


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