06 February 2007

Our Window Garden

I was so excited when I heard that the last frost for our area in SE Texas was the 1st of March! I can't wait to get my garden started. I have really gotten excited about it this weekend because the weather has been so sunny and nice. Last Friday afternoon, Kullen and I covered the 7 x 5 island in my kitchen with dirt, and pots, egg cartons, and seeds of a large assortment. I had purchased these shelves to sit near a sunny window and start my seeds, so I figured I had better get them going. After we were all finished, I really and truly wondered if we would actually grow anything. But yesterday (only 2 1/2 days after planting them!) we started to see some sprouts! Zucchini and squash, melons and cucumbers are all coming up first. Some of the other plants, such as tomatoes, peppers and some of the herbs I planted seem a bit more reluctant. We started some of the seeds in soil, and others in a sort of terrarium environment with these neat pellet things that you expand with water and push the seeds in their centers. This is actually where we're seeing the best results so far. We are also using a "plant" light - as it has been so rainy here in east Texas that I wasn't sure there would be enough sunlight to get these babies going! Kullen is very excited about it- and he even gets upset with me if I happen to water it without him. I think this is one of the best learning experiences of all. I am enjoying the opportunity to work on it with him. I love the lessons of nurturing something and watching it grow! I love getting your hands in the dirt. I love it that we just recently read Genesis 1 again - and learned that each living thing produced seed "after its own kind" - and as Kullen and I planted, we talked about how neat it was to think that the very seeds we were planting descended from the first of those kind in Creation! All of life truly is an opportunity to worship!


  1. No dilema for me..didn't notice there was a time thing at all.

  2. And I love the new blog....it looks so marvelous on you dear!

  3. Oh Julie! I have been so torn about HSB. It is the only place I have known and I have so many friends there. But it has been so slow and the loss of java script was huge in my opinion. So many fun things were taken away. I have started a blog here too but haven't done much with it becasue I can't figure it out. For now, HSB is still my main blog. But now that you have run away from home, I might just have to go with you.
    Love ya!

  4. Hey chick!
    So this is where you are hiding out these days! I do miss you at HSB though. I'll have to set this one into my Google reader so I can keep up with you. Please still come around and say hi now and then. Love ya' - Deedee


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