01 April 2007

Redneck or What?

I have to ask a question of my discerning friends. My house and yard is slightly difficult to describe. It is the "side" of our house that faces the road. I stood in my neighbor's yard to take this first picture. Technically the part of the house to the left of the frame is the "front" of the house - and the "side" of the house faces the road here. There used to be a road in the front of this house when the house was built somewhere between 80 - 100 years ago, that is no longer there which is why it is sideways. The only porch/deck/entrance to the outside of the house is the two doors that walk out onto the "L-shaped" porch. We finally bought the kids a trampoline to replace the one that we gave away before moving from WV - and put it up today. I had a dilemma - I could put it up in the back yard - in the hot sun, a pretty good walk from the house - OR just to the left of the house, here, which may somewhat appear to be the front yard. I need to know if this looks trashy. This would fall into the category my mom would call "rednecky". The bottom picture is the view from the road. If you look to the left of this picture that was taken from our road - you can see the trampoline behind a large bush and nestled underneath a couple of trees.
I like this placement for a couple of reasons: First, it is in the shade and the kids can possibly enjoy it even on the hottest days. Second, it is a long trek out to the back yard - which would most definitely keep Kullen from wanting to use it on his own. Third, I can sit on the porch and see them on the trampoline, as well as from my desk which is just inside the porch window.
What do you think? Honest opinions. Remember we live in the country and not a curb and guttered subdivision. I know these things aren't that important - and when it comes down to it - I will leave it in the place that most pleases the 5 of us that live here and use it - but I have to know what people think when they see it. Thanks!


  1. Honestly I hardly even noticed it. I think it looks fine right where it is and if that is the best spot for you to see it and get the most use, then by all means, that's where it should go.

  2. Sorry, I've been a lurker for a while...lol...but I just had to chime in. We live in the country too. Honestly, tho, I don't really think it looks trashy, even in a subdivision, to have a trampoline in the yard. (now, a tramp, that's another matter...ha ha ha) seriously, tho, unless it was in a super-upscale subdivision or something. Then it might seem out of place. But, then I reckon it'd be tucked out back by the swimming pool and tennis court, ey? ha.

    Where you have it (as shown in your pic) looks just fine.

  3. I think your house is beautiful! I don't know if I'd call it redneck, but it has a country feel to it! (redneck to me is a little trashy, and your house is far from it!)

  4. People will talk all right if you put it there..and you know what they'll say? They'll say, "Them thar kids is lucky to have that there tramp-o-leen.
    ps James won't let our kids have one. He doesn't care about them breaking their necks, he just doesn't want to mow around one.

  5. Julie Julie Julie-
    Do you have an old sofa on your porch, or maybe some old car seats? Do you have old toilets in your yard with flowers growing out of them? A couple of broken down 1975 El Camino's in the yard?
    I guess if you don't have any of this stuff you're ok. You're not too rednecky!

  6. well.. i shouldn't comment because i think i have redneck tendencies and i'm only discerning on rare occasions...
    but i think anything that makes your house a home looks perfect.

  7. My parents live in one of those fancy subdivisions with lots of silly rules like no chain link fences or clothes lines. But their neighbors across the street have their trampoline in the driveway and no one complains (that I know about). Yours looks great right where it is. Enjoy!

  8. Hi Julie! I think it looks fine. You have a beautiful home. Nothing redneckish about it.

  9. I think once the trees are in full bloom you will hardly be able to see it - at least from the picture that is how it looks.
    I can see why you fell in love with that house. It is absolutely beautiful as is the yard.


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