21 April 2007

No Time to Blog

Wow - I can hardly think of a day in recent history when I haven't blogged! Weird. Today I was so busy - I never even had time to touch the computer until after dinner - and then it was only to make a quick run through emails. Having a house full makes for busy times - everytime I turn around somebody is hungry, or thirsty or needs something or wants to do something - and I have to figure out how it all fits together! Whew! I am gaining a newfound respect for friends with larger numbers of children than I have. Teenagers are demanding people - but at the same time, their energy is contagious. I found myself sitting at the park today playing some sort of snapping, clapping game.
This afternoon we went to a Homeschool Co-op group family picnic. It was rather low key - but pretty fun regardless. We played some volleyball, ate a picnic lunch and had some enjoyable conversations. It was fun.
I am learning that the sun in Texas has a higher degree of intensity than what I am used to. I was not in the direct sunlight for most of the afternoon - and managed to get sunburned. My face, arms and chest are pretty pink. It could have been much worse, but I honestly didn't think I was getting that burned - however, you do feel somewhat like you are being radiated in the sunlight.
Recently, I have been noticing more and more women exiting public restrooms without washing their hands. This has little to do with the rest of the post, but I was making a disgusting observation. These same women touch the knobs on the doors and the handles on the carts that I have to touch. Gross!
Okay - so I blogged today - it is more like an uninteresting list of events of the day and one random thought. I know you missed me though - and I couldn't leave you hanging any longer.


  1. Hope your sunburn doesn't hurt to badly!

    It does stay hot here for a long time... I've found that a daily moisturizer and lotion with SPF works well. I know Lubriderm has a body lotion with SPF 15 and it doesn't smell much like sunscreen.

    My Kroger actually has those canisters of Wet Wipes at each entrance so you can wipe your cart handles down. Talk about nice! Now if I can just get Dozer to quit walking through the meat section, rubbing his hands all along all the shelves! Double ewwww...

  2. Marsha took my comment. I use a tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 on my face, and a body lotion with SPF 5 and that works pretty good for riding in the car/being in the shade. Direct sunlight needs real sunblock though - it only take 30 min. to be fried down here.

    We carry Germ-X everywhere. Car, purse, backpack...(I even have anti-bacterial wipes in my purse - think 'MONK':0)

  3. i would love to have the energy of a teenager!
    i am so glad you are having so much fun.. well except for the germs and sunburn. :o)~


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