12 April 2007

T13 Edition #8 Thirteen Scent Memories

The smell of these things take me elsewhere:

1. Mangoes remind me of our Cuban neighbors when I lived in South Florida in elementary school.

2. Boxwood shrubs remind me of my grandparents house when I was a little girl. I remember standing, waiting an eternity for my parents to stop talking so we could leave and sometimes burying myself in them. I also remember lying to take a nap on the front porch glider, and the air all around smelled like them.

3. Estee Lauder perfumes remind me of my mother. She wore several different ones, but she would always leave a cloud of her current scent behind her when she left for work.

4. A fireplace with wood burning reminds me of the home of friends who rescued my friend and I with four of our children off of the Appalachian Trail.

5. Hot apple cider makes me think of fall, and leaves, festivals and hayrides.

6. Moth balls put me in mind of my grandmother’s house when I was a little girl.

7. Elmer’s glue and crayons remind me of elementary school.

8. Peaches always remind me of Georgia and turning 13.

9. Hairspray (the heavy scented aerosol kind) reminds me of my aunt and her bouffant hairdo.

10. Bubble gum and strawberry are two scents that remind me of my first lip gloss, when I was old enough to wear it.

11. The smell of the mall – perfumes, acrylic nails, cinnamon buns, pizza – all swirl together to remind me of being a teenager.

12. Honeysuckle reminds me of summer.

13. Fresh cut grass is a childhood memory – the smell of it mingled with my dad’s sweat made me feel safe and cared for.


  1. i love the smell of everything on your T13 list, well, maybe, except for the mothballs, but it's tolerable!!! :)) :)) great idea for this week's T13 list!

  2. Lilac...we had two trees, one with purple lilacs and one with white, in our yard when I was growing up. Lilacs don't grow here in South Florida...so the scent always takes me to my hometown!

    Shalimar...ugh! Reminds me of the receptionist at my office who seemingly bathed in it every day and it made me gag when I was pregnant!

  3. Ohhhhh, what a great list!!!! When I smell "Love's Baby Soft", I am immediately transported back to high school. I've heard that scent is the stronger memory inducer...I would believe that.....

  4. Coconut cake takes me back to high school and the huge lip gloss that I had called "Piece of Cake". Isn't it funny what a scent can do?

  5. amazing how powerful scents are. makes you really believe in aromatherapy!

  6. It's nice to see someone else in the world associating scents with memories. Ha! Just wait til I tell my husband. I'm not so weird after all.
    Thanks for sharing...makes me stop and think of my scent memories.

  7. I have some favorite scents too- one is damp earth. Anyway, lots of great thoughts from you to read tonight. Thanks!

  8. The smell of dirty socks reminds me of all the sons I've ever had. How do they get their sneakers to stink like that?

  9. i loved bubblegum lipgloss! how great was that...

  10. Great TT list, especially the fresh cut grass smell. That one takes me back too. Also the scent of Avon's Sweet Honesty perfume, the first perfume I had as a girl. Smells terrible to me now, but it makes me remember dressing up with my best friend. Happy Friday!

  11. Great list..Its amazing how are senses can take us places.. CErtain smells take me back to certain places we visited during my childhood

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  12. Great idea for a T13!
    Old Spice--which you almost never smell now--but the memory of it reminds me of my Dad. He always used it--and almost always wore a white shirt!

  13. My grandmother (she's 95 now) has been wearing Jean Nate since I can remember. That will always remind me of her.

    Great list!! Scent is so strongly associated with memory. I loved your high school description...that was great. (although, I think I'd have to add gym class to that section! LOL

    Happy TT- Jessica The Rock Chick

  14. This is a great list of scents. One of mine is vanilla. It reminds me of baking cookies with my Mom when I was a kid.
    And hairspray reminds me of my Aunt's big hair too! LOL

    Happy TT! :-)


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