19 April 2007

T13 Edition #9 - They're Here - Teen Girl Invasion

My girls friends arrived yesterday. If you didn't know that for a fact you could just visit my house and 30 seconds later it would be clear. We have been invaded. Welcome to teen girl world. It was so exciting when the girls got off the plane - even the stewardess that chaperoning the girls during their flight started squealing and jumping up and down with them. It was awesome. Here is the picture I took of them moments after we were all together -
Here are 13 evidences to the fact that my house has been overrun with teenage girls:

Thirteen Evidences to a Teen Girl Invasion

What you can see:

1. Books

2. Shoes

3. Jewelry

4. Cell phones

5. Make-up and assorted brushes, toiletries and hair implements - both electrical and non-electrical

What you can smell:

6. Body wash, and shampoo drifting in a cloud of steam

7. Perfume

8. Bubble Gum

9. Mouth wash

What you can hear:

10. Loud music and singing

11. Giggles

12. Squealing

13. Deep heartfelt conversations about God, boys, music, politics, etc. You name it - they're talking about it!


  1. 4 teens girls! What a lot of fun. Did you send Kullen and Travis away?

  2. how fun is that!!

  3. Next comes, Dr Pepper and chocolate!!!!


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