09 April 2007

Love-Hate Relationship

I know that these pictures alone could stand as sole evidence of my firm standing as a front-runner for the "Most Insane Blogger" award! My daughters came in as I was taking this picture and said, "What ARE you doing?" Taking a picture to go with my post of course! This refrigerator is an object of my love and hate. Six months ago when we bought our new house, for the first time in my adult life, I was able to purchase some new appliances - a refrigerator, and washer and dryer (which are sure to appear in a future post!). We bought the top refrigerator and bottom freezer, and while I love love love the fridge on the top, I hate hate hate the freezer drawer on the bottom. It seems I can only get half the stuff that I used to in there. I am glad that it rolls out like a basket but this definitely gives me reduced capacity. Plus, as most women know, nothing that goes in the freezer is designed to stack in there well. Nothing. I buy mostly fresh or frozen vegetables, and those things are a huge pain. There is a little handy roll out drawer for items that are smaller, but that hardly helps. I do love the ice maker. But, I wish I had known that it would be so small. I cleaned this whole thing out top to bottom today in anticipation of a BIG shopping trip, and the freezer is half full - even though there isn't much in there. I opened the refrigerator this afternoon to decide what to make for dinner and came up with bread and ketchup. Hey, that's close to spaghetti, right?

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