11 April 2007

Drivers License Test - Part 2

The saga begins - if you can guess by the cheesy smile on this adorable face, I am now the parent of a teenager with her learner's permit.
Can I just say that I am NOT ready for this? The "learner's" part that is. What this means is that there is a whole lot to learn for her, and a whole lot to teach for me. Here she is sitting behind the wheel of the nicest car I have ever had. Could somebody explain to me how that happens? As soon as we can afford a decent vehicle, we have to put it in the hands of our children!
I let her drive from the DPS office and through the middle of town. She did a great job......until......she made a screeching turn into the video store parking lot and nearly took out a shrub. It shook both of us up a bit, but the point was made as to the power of a moving vehicle. I know the girl that was working inside the video store thought she was coming straight through that front window. After we realized it was alright we both laughed quite a bit. Whew! In my attempt at photo journalism and love of scrapbooking, I took this picture of her first skid-mark. Thankfully it was across some grass, and her foot found the brake.
Please pray for us during this time. We are experiencing growing pains!


  1. i know just how you feel. the day my son got his permit was the day i started a love affair with miss clairol!
    i will lift you up girlfriend.
    congratulations to kendra!

  2. The break is your friend! THE BREAK IS YOUR FRIEND!

  3. LOL!! I so totally understand! If you remember we started our journey of our children driving our very nice vehicles a little over a year ago. I didn't do much of the teaching, it freaked me out way too much. I let Tav do it. But on one of the VERY few times I let Tayva drive we ended up in the MIDDLE of our yard, stuck in the snow. It was an adventure. Although, I have to say she is a very good driver now. Tav did a superb job. And so will you.

  4. Man! Letting our kids go to Kindergarten is a walk in the park compared to this! The even harder part, was watching my first born walk down the aisle nearly 9 years ago and marry our wonderful son-in-law. That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

  5. Oh Julie! I just couldn't do it! I am so thankful that my husband and my dad have spent a lot of time in the passenger seat with Gabe behind the wheel. I only started riding with him recently and that's still scary.

  6. Very cute Kendra picture. And great shot of the tire tracks in the grass.
    I am sure Kendra will supply you with all kinds of fun photo ops. Look on the bright side. Your photo journal will be exciting.
    I have 3 more years of respite. And then if I am lucky Alexandra will be back home and I will pawn Christiana off on her. Because quite frankly, she owes me big for her learn to drive experiences!!!


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