07 April 2007

I'm Dreaming of a WHITE Easter????

This has got to be THE weirdest thing I have ever seen! It was so totally unexpected. We went to a "Good Saturday" family get together, and shortly after everyone was assembled, somebody said, "It's snowing!" We had seen a few flurries mixed in with sleety rain on the way there, but of course you know I thought to myself, "This is TEXAS. That is all you're ever gonna see!" Well fool me - because every few minutes my husband was saying, "Julie, come and take a picture of THIS!" The flakes were getting bigger and bigger, and before you knew it the grass was covered, kids were outside in flip flops and capris, grabbing snow off of cars and throwing it at each other. Unreal. There were spring flowers in full bloom - because it has been HOT here. Just yesterday my girls were laying out on a blanket in the sunshine. And today we see this:
This is the only picture I could get of all three of my kids in one spot - and this is before the ground was even white! See all the cutie-patootie native Texans in the background - they threw the door open and the whole crowd of us came in and out watching this in awe and wonder! Good thing my girls turned around at the last minute and went inside to grab their coats when we were leaving the house. I was wearing capri pants, a spring shirt and a lightweight jacket - in total denial. I was freezing! A white Easter? Whoda thunk it?

On another very interesting note, on our way home the neighboring town was hosting a "Dogwood Festival" and they were shooting off fireworks as we came through, so we pulled over to stand in the sleet and watch them! I KNOW that is a first - I've never seen fireworks and snow on the same day!



  2. i know how you feel sista! the kids had to wear mittens. try easter egg hunting in those.


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