04 April 2007

I Am Blessed

I will tell you - I fall victim to discouragement from time to time. My general demeanor is positive and upbeat - but there are times when it is hard to keep going. I praise God that He is always the lifter of my head. Generally speaking, it is usually in pressing into His word that I find the cloud of gloom lifting. However, God also uses other people to bless you - to encourage you and give you the added push you need. This week it has happened a couple of times. This Sunday, while perusing the nominees for the Homeschool Blog awards, I discovered very unexpectedly that I was nominated for not one but TWO awards - Best Cyber-Buddy and Best Variety. You could have knocked me over with a feather! It was a true blessing to think that anyone would think such nice things about me.
Then this afternoon in a comment to this post were these words that shook me in the depths of my heart. This is the kind of thing I live for - to love people and make a difference in their lives.

Sometimes I wonder if you ever hurt as much as I do knowing that we can't just meet up at Wal*Mart or taco bell. I wonder if you ever knew what kind of an effect you had on my life. I have been to many different youth group meetings, with many different AWESOME leaders, but for some reason they just can't fill that gap inside of me that you left. I never knew quite how to say thank you, so I just kept my mouth shut. I just really want you to know, that i will never forget you. You were my very first youth leader, you were my favorite youth leader. I miss your voice during worship, you always had a beautiful voice that stood out from the rest.
I hope you will always remember that little goofball in the class.
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Talk about needing tissues. There ain't a blog award in this world that can top what that means to me. I am not certain who this is as there were a couple of goofballs in my life – and I loved every single one of them. If you read this – know that you always have my heart, even here, deep in the heart of Texas! (Please comment here and tell me who you are!)

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  1. You're up late! I'm guilty, not of the comment but of the nomination for Best Cyber-buddy! Thanks for being mine, even if you don't win (which I hope you do!) I wanted you to know you're mine! Love ya!


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