08 April 2007

Sermon Ponderings - The Resurrected Christ

Our pastor, "Brother Randal" as those who are comfortable with southern etiquette call him, was really fired up today. I know it is pathetic, but I was feeling a bit blah this morning. After that fresh revelation from the Lord yesterday about The Day In Between, I was needing yet another. Why my fickle soul is like that I don't know. It seems that it can all fade to gray and I forget the joy of the Easter lilies, and the new life of spring, and the power of the resurrected Christ. I am thankful to go to a Bible believing church, and to have a man of God that preaches from the Word, and for the mercies every morning to experience the Lord anew.
The thing that stood out to me most from the sermon this morning is how Jesus not only has Creator-rights, but He has Redeemer-rights. I heard a story a long time ago of a little boy who built a boat and put it in the water only to have it carried away by the current. Later he was walking past a toy shop window and saw HIS boat! The shop owner told him that he would have to buy it, so the little boy worked diligently to save enough money to get the boat back. The day he was able to buy back his boat, he walked out of the store clutching his treasure in his hands. He said, "Now you're twice mine! I made you, and I bought you!" What a precious picture of the Creator/Redeemer Christ.
I'm so glad He's risen, that my name may be written in Heaven. I have experienced the joy of a redeemed life. I pray that YOU know Him too!

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  1. I like that: " I made you and I bought you!" Happy Easter!


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