06 April 2007

Sappy Snapshot

I thought I would paint a picture of our family with words, and let you get a little peek how through intense dysfunction, two people who met 19 years ago and set out in the most bass-ackwards way to make a family together, and who battled the statistics and opinions that said we would never make it - have succeeded in binding five hearts together that truly love one another. My daughters often go to bed shortly after I do - since they are teenagers, they like to read, have their quiet time at night, wash their faces, etc. My only rule is that they do not wake the rest of us. Lately I have seen a trend develop, as they leave little notes of encouragement to their daddy who they know will be up first, and they won't see until he returns home from work at the end of the next day. Yesterday being Kendra's birthday we went shopping, and as we found some good sales, we also got some spring clothes for Kaitlyn. This morning I came out to the most precious notes that said this:

Kendra: I love you, Dad! Have a good day at work - we'll be praying for you.
Kaitlyn: I love you too Dad! Thanks for providing for us.

Travis wrote a note back to them that said this:
I love you too. I love providing for you. Tell Kullen I love him too. I love you Julie.

I know it is sappy -but we all really do love each other, and we love the Lord. Now, despite the odds stacked against us, isn't this the greatest success story of them all?


  1. Hey Julie, I just got the new Martina McBride cd and the following song reminded me of you all. Love Ya! Shasta

    House Of A Thousand Dreams
    Billy Montana/Jenai/Ilya Toshinsky (BMI)/(ASCAP)

    He says, “I’m just a man, I work with my hands
    But lately no work has been around
    I wish that I could put more on the table
    Provide the life I’m sure my family dreams about”

    “But there’s cracks in all the walls and all the windows
    And the flies, they find their way in through the screen
    I just pray that hope will go on living
    In this house of a thousand dreams”

    She says, “my husband’s a good man
    Gives all that he can
    I know he thinks he’s let me down
    I just want him and the children to be happy
    It’s not always easy, but it’s all I dream about”

    “So I’ll find some yard-sale curtains for the windows
    And I’ll sew some yellow trim along the seams
    And I’ll keep praying hope will go on living
    In this house of a thousand dreams”

    The boy says, “my daddy’s a strong man
    My momma, she loves him
    And they love my brother and sister and me
    Sometimes at night we lay out in the backyard
    And take turns wishing on the first star we see”

    “And the crickets always sing outside the windows
    And I love to feel the wind blow through the screen
    And I sure hope that we can live forever
    In this house of a thousand dreams”

    “Yeah I sure hope that we can live forever
    In this house of a thousand dreams”

  2. sappy is... priceless..


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